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Not a Char Post...

It seems that the fates receive great amusment in fucking with my life. Or, rather, my aunt does. So, I won't be around the rp (or on the computer at all) for the next 2 weeks. Until the 6th, exactly.

Due to community service, my day will be taken up until 7:30 pm, and I shall get home to find my aunt on the computer. Her rule is this : Get on early (early being 4 or 5pm), or don't fucking get on at all.

I'll be able to sneak a few minutes on the computer every once in a while, at some friends house's. So, I can still get mail.

Lyn, or Libby... Someone keep me current about lg through email. I want to know how the major refresh will be going, being on High Council and deeply concerened. I hope you people read this *hugs them all*. Hopefully i'll get online for a night or two, here at my mom's. Good luck with everything.

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