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*shrugs* Those curious about the effect of the Shattering on SS might find this helpful

TheEvileCareBear: Grr, demention switching?
TheOnlySaneGuy: Exactly.
TheEvileCareBear: The memory swipe didn't actually take place at SS, you know that, right?
TheOnlySaneGuy: *raises a brow* But what he actually did today was fight and be captured, thus resulting in the splitting of the dimensions. The SS dimension Lee has no memory of what he did earlier at the SG. Nor will the SG Lee have any memory of anything leading up to him leaving the TTT.
TheEvileCareBear: But then Lita would be dead...
TheOnlySaneGuy: In the SG dimension. The point of convergence is when the attack began. In that point in time, the dimensions branched off of each other, each forming their own continuum. In the SG dimension, yes Lita is dead. In this dimension, the LGI never existed, and thus Lita couldn't have been killed.
TheEvileCareBear: ooooooh, okay.
TheOnlySaneGuy: *chuckles* Aren't temporal mechanics and such fun?
TheEvileCareBear: *nods*
TheEvileCareBear: They're fun to ponder, that's for sure.
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