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Alright, ladies and gents. As you had better know by now, beseen is shutting down (or so it sayd, but yea...). In light of this, I have mentioned to certain people an idea of mine, which will help many of the problems in SG. Some of you may not like this, but, then again, I don't really care. SG needs help, and this is what we're doing. If you can't understand that this is for both the benefit of SG, and all its members, then I suggest you keep it to yourself, grin and bare it, or you may leave and find a new place to rp.

The plan, in a nutshell:

We press the huge 'Refresh' button in the sky on the LGI, and make everyone start from near-scratch. New chars, new friendships, new romances, new inn, the like. However, as it was pointed out to me that some people like a couple of their chars, each person will be allowed to keep one or two of their old chars, and simply give them a memory-swipe of all things lgi-related. Also, if your char is in a relationship you can't stand to break up, and the other PM does not mind bringing foreward your char's mate, then it will be allowed, but all memories of the lgi, and its patrons, but go bye-bye.

Amount of chars allowed to roll-over (so to speak) to the new inn will be determined soon, though it is looking to be two.

Also! The chars brought to the new inn, and the ones created for/in it, are SG ONLY! No more ss chars allowed!!!

Our dear matt has suggested this as a plot: have the crown raid the lg as they've heard it's a strong point for Rod's (Roderick, one of my [lyn] chars) operations, and being the people lg have..they'll those that say so get slaughtered. those that survive it will have their memories wiped by some crown battlemages and send out as productive law abiding citizens. the memory of their former profession if any could come back but the memory of the inn would be wiped permenantly.

Most people I have talked to do not mind the plot, and so, in case you havn't noticed Rod's last char post, I have started the ball rolling. It can be stopped at any time before the actual big event, if it comes to my attention that something is wrong with it.

These are the plans, and will be effective very soon. Start thinking about what, if any, chars you'd like to keep, and so on. Also, if you have any suggestions for names for the new inn, or any questions/other comments, feel free to post on this entry, or IM/e-mail me (replies to this message prefered).

That is all.
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