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Taken from the excert of Lord Draconis's journal.

By mine own hand on this so very bloody Sunsday.
Circa 460., August 25th.

Today is a glorious days for those that would see law and justice upheld. Just hours previous I have seen the demise of one of the rogue's foul lairs and it's members. I can only ponder how many more lairs still remain out there. Needless to say I will find them.

Already I have possible leads as to where the next one may lay. In the coming months I will see it razed as was the looking glass.
However. The legion I had with me has taken heavy casualties and will be unable to move for months to come while they rest so they have until then. But however I have an ace up the sleeve...that one whelp that survived the assault has had his memory erased and set loose. He has no idea that he is but a mindless slave to the Crown. He will weed them out while I lay in wait for the next move.

Rest assured. Every Rogue in Corus wll learn to fear the crown and it's servants once again or they will feel the wrath of it.

For my king and country always.
Lord Erhart Willhelm Draconis
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